22 March 2011


Clean house, calm heart
Man oh man - today has been just crazy busy and it's not even noon!  I had this bright idea that with everyone out of the house that I would be able to get it spotless again AND have time to enjoy it... the only wrench in the works was that I wasn't totally motivated to do it this morning.

Pokey woke me up as usual, with kisses and coffee at 6:30 this morning.  I am in no way, shape or form a morning person.  People in my family draw straws to see who 'has' to wake me up... rather evil of them but there is good cause - I'm grumpy when I wake up.  I know this and I try not to be but until I've had that first swig or two of coffee, I am hating life.  So anywho, I kiss him goodbye and toddle my happy hiney off to get a shower.  I'm dried and dressed and on to my second cup of coffee by 7 a.m.  Here is where the speed bump in my plan happened... I sat down.

Yep, that's right.  I sat down.  Right here actually.  I was just going to check my Facebook, email and pop over to my mommy forum for those thirty minutes before I had to wake up Hobbit.  That was the plan.  I fooled myself into thinking that I had some self restraint... silly me.  I wake Hobbit up on time but then I toddle back here and plop my hiney down until she has completed her morning routine and we head off to school.  Upon returning home, instead of hopping to it, I plopped back down again.  Right here, again.  To get back on my Facebook and forums, again.

So I did what any other normal human being would do - I made myself a deal.  I told myself that if I got off my duff and deep cleaned the living room, dining room and entryway that I could do the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen tomorrow.  That sounded fair, right?  I thought so... so I pre-cleaned the living room and then deep cleaned it... then I got sidetracked and sat back down here.  I welshed on my own deal... to myself.  How pathetic is that?!?

I couldn't believe that I would do such a thing.  I mean, if I can't hold true to my word to myself, how can I honestly think I can do so for another person?  It was just sad.  Now that my guilt was firmly in place, I got up and got to work.  I deep cleaned the dining room and the entryway.  I mopped all the tile (entryway, dining room and kitchen areas).  I flipped the laundry.  I deep cleaned our bedroom... and then I just HAD to stop.  Not because I wanted to but because the dust had aggravated my asthma so bad, I had to use my inhaler which requires me to stop for a few minutes and catch my breath... hence my writing now.

Peace and quiet
Once this post is done, I'm going to deep clean Hobbit's room and then vacuum her room, the living room, the playroom and our bedroom.  Then, the downstairs will be done.  Peanut and Hobbit will be cleaning the upstairs playroom because it looks like the toy box and closet threw up all over the room - it's just cruel to make me deal with that when I didn't even get to partake in the fun of messing it up.  So with that all completed, I will be able to enjoy my nice clean house for a grand total of  20 minutes before I have to leave to get Peanut from school.  Oh well, at least I know it will still be clean when I get home - all bets are off after that since the kids will be home too.

What a whirlwind of a morning I caused myself - all because of this seat right here.  I think I might have ground myself for procrastination.

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