31 March 2011

That's All?

Y'all know how I've been trying to work through this nasty lull in my Faux Circle Sweater, right?  So I work on it in the school pick up line and in the evenings when I have time.  I also just sat down and knit for two hours straight!  I figured that I had made some serious headway since the last time I measured it so I reached for my tape measure... I pulled the tape... I was utterly disappointed when I read the number.

I did set my goal at 3" for today and I managed to do 4"... but that still only puts me at 15.5" and nowhere near the 20" mark I had secretly hoped to obtain.  Oh well.  I will get there.  I'm just not there yet.  No sense getting bummed over it.  I've just joined on my 5th skein and I am beginning to think that I will have to have an alternative yarn to complete the cuffs and cowl portion of this project.  That's okay - I half figured I would need to that anyway but now I need to decide what direction I am going to take this sweater.

By placing a solid color on the cuffs and cowl, it makes the arms and back more of a statement.  This will be either a subtle complimentary color or a bold statement choice.  I am not sure which direction I want to take as of yet.  There are so many subtle shades in this piece... jewel tones and muted hues - or just simple black.

Oh well, no time to pish posh over it now - supper must be started and it's pasta night so the crew is hungry!  The weather is nasty and I'm not far from bed tonight.  Idol results show and then sleepy time for me, I think.  In between, a little more knitting.

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