12 June 2011

Chilling reality

Summer in SD per Peanut
I just got off the phone with Peanut, who was shivering while walking around her South Dakota campus getting acclimated for tomorrow's orientation.  It was noon her time and the temperatures had only reached 64 degrees Fahrenheit... and I admit to laughing at her over the phone.

Poor baby has no idea what she has gotten herself into with the mindset of "I'm tired of melting" and trading it in for "I'll never thaw out"... ah, well... at least my knitting will be useful and appreciated.  I'm off now to finish her surprise and perhaps start a second one given the gravity of the situation for her... teeth chattering at 64.  My little southern belle is gonna be a popsicle!

1 comment:

  1. Poor thing! I can only imagine what November - January will be like!! She'll need lots of warm socks, hats, gloves and anything else you can knit and send her!


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