04 June 2011

Welcome Distraction

Last time we went to BG,
Hobbit was smaller than this!
Today is Pokey's company picnic.  Normally, I don't like to attend these types of things.  It forces me into a situation where I don't know a single soul, except my husband, and I have to mingle with my Disney 'on stage' face plastered on.  It's exhausting really because I am shy by nature.  I combat the shyness by being a bit more extroverted than I find comfortable at times.  My husband is the same way really.  Pokey would prefer to just hang out with us at home and enjoy life quietly.  Today is different.  Today, we actually welcome the distraction.

The good part about living where everyone else vacations is that when companies want to "do something", we've got tons of cool places to go "do something" at... for example, the company picnic is at Busch Gardens.  They will close the park for regular people at 9 p.m. but we get to stay until midnight.  Pretty spiffy,  huh?  We can get in at 6 p.m. and go have supper since they have given us meal vouchers as well, then toddle around and let me get all my photography itches scratched and then.. brace yourself... we're going to secure all our valuables and go act like kids set free in a theme park - which, technically, we are.

I hope to have some wonderful contributions to my "Snaps on Sunday" series tomorrow.  Until then, I hope y'all have wonderful day full of smiles and welcomed distractions too.

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