05 June 2011

One Lucky Girl

Our bench.  Our beach.  Our wedding.
There was a moment last night, after the sun had gone down and the camera was safely nestled away, that broke me.  A moment that I'm mortified even occurred.  It honestly brought me to tears in a public place - granted, a dark corner of a vacant area of a public place but still, a public place.

I'm not of the right mind to talk about it now but what I will say is that I have the most magnificent, compassionate, caring, sweet, loving and adoring husband.  I have a man that honestly does love me more than I deserve.  No matter what I am feeling or how I believe that I am looking, he finds me beautiful... and that makes me one lucky girl.

I love you, Pokey.


  1. It is obvious that you are both lucky. He has one of the most beautiful and compassionate partners, that anyone could wish for.

  2. Hello and thank you for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful comment! It's always great to find fellow knitters in this world, and I see that we share yet another great interest: COFFEE.

    Having such a loving partner is so key in being able to find and follow a passion. If it weren't for my loving boyfriend, I wouldn't have been able to quit my corporate job to create my knitting blog and work at my local yarn store.

    So cheers to love, happiness, and everything else that brings you joy!

    -Monica :)


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