26 June 2011

H is for...


Hobbies are a great things for a person to have because it gives them an outlet.  If you have a bad day and want to blow off steam and unwind, pick up your hobby.  If you have a great day and want to remember it, pick up your hobby.  If your bored, can't sleep, anxious, nervous, relaxed or any other possible word you can imagine to describe a person's state of being... then pick up your hobby.

Lots of people say "I can't do that" or "I'm not creative" and that is just bull dinky.  Everyone is creative in their own unique way.  Sure, I don't knit as fast as mother or do all the really intricate color working that she does but that doesn't stop me from knitting.  My aunt might make the most beautiful crochet afghans but that doesn't stop me from going ga-ga over my granny squares.  Paula and Gordon might cook the most delicious food on the planet but that doesn't stop me from making a mess in the kitchen.  Andrew Prokos is a genius with a camera but that doesn't mean I stop being a shutterbug.  All these things do mean something though.  They mean that I have some great resources from which to learn and grow in my chosen hobbies.

So I urge everyone - find something, explore everything and embrace a hobby.  You'll be so glad you did!  Here are a few of my favorite hobbies, once again...
My latest completed knitting project
One of my crochet granny squares
A fabulous supper that I need to make again soon - recipe is here.
Yep, even I follow my dreams - you can see them here.  I do update the tabs often so please, be sure to visit.

Want to join in the fun - click here.


  1. Your granny square is great! And thanks for helping me feel a little better about my creative efforts!

  2. "bull dinky" lol! Love it (& I agree)

  3. H is for Hobbies... Good one! I didn't even think of that ;) Totally agree with what you've said

  4. Yum. Lasagne. And I too love granny squares, can't crochet yet, but until then I can just sit and admire yours! (And well done, I never thought of Hobbies for H!)

  5. I agree with you. My hobbies have relaxed, excited, and given me a lot much satisfaction!

  6. I absolutely agree. The fact that you put a little of yourself into something means that you are creative. That's what makes it dynamic, not the level of expertise.

  7. What a great post!! I love your knitting project and your granny square! I'm not one for cooking but I sure would love to eat your lasagna (of course,I'd need a gluten free version!)! ;-D

  8. I totally agree, being creative can be all manner of things, and I count it as creative when I use a different yarn to the one the pattern calls for!


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