25 June 2011

DIY Moment ~ eReader Case

Every now and again, we are all hit with "Ah-ha" moments that should be documented and shared.  I just had one of those moments and now, you guessed it... I'm documenting and sharing it.  I figured that I make enough silly little repurposed things around here that I should start writing a few of them up periodically.  I missed my documenting opportunity with my dpn needle case that I made but I took full advantage of this one.

Several Christmases ago, I bought my husband a beautiful wool sweater.  It was a wonderful sale and the sweater was gorgeous.  Times were tight and I wanted to be sure that I was able to get Pokey one really nice item... and this sweater was it.  He is the only person I know who can wear a wool sweater in Florida so I knew it wasn't going to be a wasted gift.  This article was worn exactly once - then disaster struck.  You see, he was trying to be 'helpful' and surprise me by lending a hand to the laundry... oh, he surprised me alright - he felted and completely shrunk his wool sweater!  It went from fitting a size 42 chest on a full grown man to a size 6 child!!  I was more disappointed than anything - Hobbit claimed the sweater and happily wore it for the past two years.  Now, she too has outgrown it and I am going to repurpose it into a case for the Nook that Pokey received for Father's Day.  Here's how I did it...

  • One felted large sweater.
  • One piece of computer printer paper
  • One pen
  • One pair of scissors and a handful of pins
  • Either a sewing machine or needle and thread - it's up to you how you would like to work.
  • 2 buttons (optional)
Click for larger image
Be sure to trace larger than you actual eReader so that you have enough room for seaming.  If you leave it the exact same size and then cut it out, once you sew it together, you'll have made it too small.
Click for larger image
Unless you have some heavy duty pins, don't worry about pinning through both layers.  It's a bit thick and will bend standard pins.  Just be sure you remember to cut both layers.
Click for larger image
Do you see how the bottom bit of the case is longer than the top - that is the flap closure.  This will leave us with as little seaming as possible.
Click for larger image
Be sure to line up your rounded edges and hold it well when you turn - otherwise, it will slip and then you'll have a bubble in your case.
Click for larger image
After you've sewn it together, flip it back out and be sure to push the corners through.  Now, for the top button flap, simply sew your button(s) where you want and then clip the excess.  If you opt for two buttons - one on either end - there will be no need for clipping but if you opt for a single center button, just cut level across the back and to the width you like so that the button is centered.

If you would like, you could add a handle to it by utilizing the cut out piece (see photo set 3) and attaching an end to each side seam prior to flipping your case right side out.  I opted against this as it was for my husband and I was afraid it would look like a purse and then it wouldn't be used... boys are so silly sometimes.

Now slide your eReader in and head off in style!

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