22 June 2011

Time, you are such a fickle thing

My mama has this cross stitch in her room - my version

This vacation week with Pokey has flown by and yet, the time away from the girls has crawled.  Why is that?  Why couldn't it have been reversed?  I would not have minded our vacation week together to crawl slower than molasses while the time that girls are gone just zips on by at the speed of light.  Time, you are such a fickle thing.

Today is technically Pokey's weekend - it's his Saturday to be precise.  That means that the day after tomorrow, everyone else's Friday, will actually be his Monday and he'll be back to work... and I'll be back to spending the majority of my day alone doing that which I tell others not to do - wish my life away.

I'll be wishing that Pokey were home.  I'll be wishing the girls were home.  Then I'll be wishing for Christmas holidays because that is when I'll be able to see Peanut again... just sitting around wishing my life away.  I always tell others to go out and enjoy that moment that is today - make a memory and not sit around missing things while wishing for others.  It always sounds so profound and insightful when I do it... now, since it applies to me, it just sounds annoying.  I'm making a mental note to never say those things again.

Any guesses?  No?  Good!
I made myself a little mental challenge that I probably won't uphold but the plan is to stick to it... I'm going to finish my other half of Peanut's surprise present this weekend - not Pokey's weekend but the weekend that the rest of the world recognizes.  I am also going to get uber creative with a sweater that I bought Pokey for Christmas two years ago that he shrunk small enough that Hobbit has been using it!  She outgrew it last year so I am going to repurpose it into something amazing.  I'll be photographing the process and putting up my first DIY post.  It is going to be really neat, I promise.  I've also got to cast on for a test knit that I signed up to do - a sweater for Pokey made out of bulky weight yarn.  I know, we live on the sun, but he honestly can not handle temperatures below 75 degrees at all so it will definitely get use - and he is the only person in a 500 mile radius that could!

You know what... even though my brain may be wishing time away, at least my body will be busy and if my body is busy then time will go faster so in essence, my wish will come true.  Wow - hello there Silver Lining - how have you been?  So nice to see you again.


  1. While I do agree sometimes we need to just enjoy the moment, I also think sometimes we do need to throw a pity party for ourselves just for a bit. It's okay to wish!

  2. The summer will be gone and Christmas will be here before you know it, so good for you for hunkering down with your knitting and making the most of your free time while you have it!


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