17 June 2011

Farmer's Market

Too funny - I had to do it.. and yet, a sarcastic free post
Pokey and I learned of a Farmer's Market that happens every third Saturday of the month.  Guess what tomorrow is... the third Saturday of the month!  We figured that we would get up, drink our copious amounts of coffee and then toddle up the road an hour's worth to check it out.

I've never been to a Farmer's Market but I will have my camera with me because I just have this feeling that it will be a photographic wonderland full of colors and textures.  I found a listing of all the vendors and it was more than just simple fruits and veggies.  There were woodworkers, textiles and some other things that I have no clue what they mean.  So now I am thinking of it along the lines of my favorite section of any fair - the crafting corner.  You know the area, where all the knitting, quilting, baking and creating is kept.  I am actually very excited at the possibility of some extraordinary photographs.  Y'all know I don't care about the people who stare at me cockeyed whilst I get the perfect shot of something... it's par for a photographer's course.

I did notice, however, that it was close to the Christmas town so maybe... if I'm a good girl... on the way home, we'll stop over for a visit.  Fingers crossed!


  1. You probably will be suprised how many others are taking pics at the Farmer's market. When I go to mine, there are a lot of people clikcing away! Enjoy, I love the farmer's market.

  2. Sounds lovely! I wish I had something like that near to where I live but sadly, nothing. I shall make myself content with waiting to see your photos!! :)

  3. Enjoy yourself! Our farmer's market doesn't have a crafty corner, but the food is all still amazing, and there are loads of free samples!


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