11 June 2011

Sneak peak...

I'm almost done with this one... then I have to make it's mate.  Here's a sneak peak at what's sitting on my needles...

Can you guess what it is?

Oh yeah, and one of the fabulous ladies that I emailed regarding my blogiversary giveaway honored me with a yes!  So completely stoked - loved her before, absolutely adore her now!  I can't wait to see what she sends.. plus, I'm working up the blogiversary post already.  I know, I know... this has turned into more of a tease than a sneak peak... but y'all still love me - right?


  1. Can't wait to see the "Blogiversary" issue!

  2. Tease! And I'm loving the colour of your mystery item(s)!

  3. Love the color!! Know what you're making so won't give it away. Can't wait to see the finished project modeled!


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