03 June 2011

That Was Just Odd

I just finished mixing up a meatloaf and putting it in the oven.  I washed up the dishes and set things to dry, all the while thinking how weird it was - no one was having supper with me.  I just fixed an entire meatloaf, which will be accompanied by mac n' cheese and green beans no less, for just me.  I've never made supper for just me before and now I understand why so many single people get takeaway meals.

I went from my parents house to a dorm suite shared by three other girls that had it's own kitchen.  We made community dorm room meals plus we had meal cards for the cafeteria.  After college, I was back home for a spell and Peanut was born.  Then it was just Peanut and me, then home again... do you see the pattern here?  I've never been alone.  I have never had to cook for one.  Granted, Pokey will take leftovers for his work supper and he will be here to sup with me twice a week on his days off but for six weeks, I'll be eating full meals alone.  It's just rather odd.

This oddity has led me to my next adventure.  I'm going to reorganize the inside and outside freezers to accommodate homemade "TV dinners" as it were.  I am going to cook supper for me probably three times a week but then, there will anywhere from four to six servings left alone - sometimes more - so I will package them up and freeze them.  I need to budget in some tupperware containers for this adventure but other than that, I think it will work out really well.  I'll cook when Pokey is off and then sometime mid week.  I'll stock the freezers with the leftovers and wallah, all set for weeks on end really.  Just take my meatloaf that cooking away right now.  I'll have my plate and then there will be roughly three to four full plated meals left.  Those will be packaged up and left to cool before putting in the freezer.  Sunday, I'll make Chicken n' Rice with broccoli so after my plate, there will be about five others to freeze... that's already nine frozen meals!

My food budget should get trimmed down a lot.  I also bought a drainer and dish stand so I can wash the dishes by hand this summer.  With just me, there will never be enough to run the machine.  Things are just so topsy turvy today... it's amazing how odd it seems... at least it is just for a few weeks.  Then my life will be mostly back to normal.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan!
    Let me send you a big hug for all the sadness that's going on at your place! Don't sit around too much allowing your thoughts make you sad. Be happy that your kids are having fun, that you have managed to raise one of them successfully to independency and be proud of her! Then take the dog for a nice long walk, play with him, cherish the doggy-mommy-quality time, and when you get home chose a new knitting pattern that is so complicated that you have to really concentrate on it.
    Hope this helps a bit! :-)
    Tina in Germany


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