24 June 2011

Knitting project planner, that's what I need

Isn't it the coolest colorway ever?  Yeah, I know... it is.
I am sitting trying to figure out what I need to make my knitting area a bit more organized.  I've made countless attempts to hint to my husband about how cool, economically sound, efficient and cost effective it would be for me to own a Nook Color but until that sinks in, I need to find something to tide me over.

You see, the Nook Color would actually be a great invest for me because I could put all my knitting pattern books in it and I can go to my favorite pattern hubs and download their patterns too.  I won't have to waste time or money printing out pages for patterns.  I can highlight and write notes on there too.  It can play music in the background from my Pandora station and yes, I can simply read a book if I wanted to too.  All in all, this Nook Color would be a pretty ding dang good investment for me.  It is the perfect knitting project planner.

Forget "making due", I've just decided that Octopus' Garden is my colorway for the Nook cozy I'm going to make - sort of like an "if you build it, they will come" moment.. we'll consider that project planning and mission accomplished.

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