27 June 2011

Thank you ma'am!

I will never forget this day.  Thank you Mrs. Paula
A few weeks ago I sent out four emails.  These emails went to people whom I admire for their work in their field.  One for her hand dyed yarn.  One for her patterns and wool.  One for her ability to make camera bags sexy and chic.  The last one, which was actually the first email I wrote, was to one of my heroes... in every sense of the word.

This amazing woman overcame such obstacles and triumphed against the odds - always with a warm heart and gentle word for anyone around.  She is the true embodiment of style and grace - utterly gorgeous in every way you can think of - and she will always be my hero because even now that she is a multi-million dollar empire, she is still the same sweet girl from Georgia.

Mrs. Paula, your box arrived today and I am speechless.  I admit to shedding tears of joy and I jumped up and down holding my autographed cookbook while staring in awe at all the beautiful things you sent.  You are all I could ever hope to be and I thank you so very much for making this little southern girl's dream come true today.  I love ya, Mrs. Paula.


  1. I want to know the site for the sexy camera bags! I got a backpack style for Christmas that I thought I wanted....but it isnt quite right...

  2. she is one of my heros, as well! And definitely a sweet lady! She empowers moms(and women-- well me, anyway! I try to get out of the house everyday thanks to her!


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