01 April 2011

Dear Mama, (2KCBWDAY5)

We are writing you to let you know that we miss you.  Cappy and I have no idea why you have left us here, under the coffee table, in this dark - although very stylish, we must say - box.  Have we offended you?  Did we do something wrong?

Not so long ago, you were grinning from ear to ear while running our soft satin fibers through your fingers.  Sure, we know that we can be a bit on the diva side but let's be honest, isn't that why you chose us?  I still recall the day we met... you reached out to us and it was love at first touch.  So why have you forsaken us and left us here all alone?

We miss you, Mama.  We promise to do our best not to pull or be too complex.  You are the reason we are here and without you, we are lost.  I know I speak for Cappy too when I say "Will you complete me"...

All our love,

Peanut's Lacey Scarf & Hobbit's Capelet
Green fabric bin under the coffee table

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