03 April 2011

Anytime is Knitting Time (2KCBWDAY7)

My crafting time is whenever I have a moment to put my needles in my hands.  The setting is always different but the mindset is the same - I can knock out a few rows, where's my knitting?

As a homemaker, I am everywhere but home most days.  I get up and take Hobbit to school (Pokey drops off Peanut on his way to work) and from that moment in time, I have roughly four hours to get my chores done.  That could be anything from cooking, cleaning, baking, washing, errand running or appointments.  It must all be done before half past twelve though because that is when Mom's Taxi Service begins.

FO/WIP Sampler of my endeavors
I have to drive 30 minutes out of town to pick up Peanut and then turn around and drive back to pick up Hobbit.  Sounds like an hour, right... wrong!  It's actually close to three hours most days.  It's my neurosis about being in the front of the line so I'm not stuck at the mercy of the individual who has no clue to wait against the curb instead of in the middle of the circle loop... oh yeah, it happens and it's frustrating as all get out because those people are always picking up the kids who lollygag out of the school!

Knitting has been happening during all of this - did you see it?  No?  Oh, I'll point it out to you.  Okay, it happened after the cooking, between the cleaning, before and after the baking, between the washing and during the errands or appointments.  Oh yeah, it did.  Have knitting, will travel honey.  We all know it happens during the Taxi Service lulls.

Now after supper and the dishes are done, kids are hosed off and tucked in - that scene is completely different.  Ramsay will herd me into my chair and inform me in his ever so subtle manner that I am to pick him up.  He snuggles into his spot (between the chair arm and my left thigh) and I commence to knitting.  My feet are kicked up in the super huge Lazy Boy, my coffee is on the table next to me and something is on the television.  My favorite - besides most romantic comedy movies of any era - is Gilmore Girls.  I can watch that all day long and be in my own little heaven.

So that is how I work my knitting time in - if I'm standing still or sitting with the car in park, needles are clicking and wool is flying.


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  1. yep this all sounds very familiar, lol, especially the big chair and coffee and the waiting for pick ups.


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