21 April 2011

Letters and Socks and Projects... Oh My

"Some Assembly Required" = "Make It Yourself"
We got the official letter that Hobbit did not win a lottery spot at the charter school.  We are actually number 26 on the waiting list - not bad but not fabulous.  I hope they all change their minds over the summer or move on to great things... but either way, we get a new teacher and a fresh start for First Grade next year.  Trying to keep things positive when it comes to that wackadoodle school.

I'm working on decreasing the toe for my first sock ever.  It's been less crazy than I feared it would be which is wonderful.  I do worry that I will run out of this leftover yarn before I finish the second one but we'll see how it all turns out.  Either way, I've conquered my fear AND learned a new technique (Norwegian Purl) in the process... half of my 2011 Promise to Try item completed and it's only April!

My brain has been trying to come up with a cute little case for Peanut's mp3 player.  It needs to be a functional piece that can house the ear buds when not in use but also be cute while wearing it so the music can be mobile but safe.  I was thinking of a necklace type thing since she will have it with her at college - and she will always have a coat and scarf since it's colder than she could ever imagine... just not sure how I want it to look past technical stuff.  I borrowed Beatrice (yeah, she named it) last night and while I was enjoying my "lost" copy of "Les Miserable - The Dream Cast", I outlined her on a stray envelope so I could make... well... something.  Oh hang on, phone's ringing...

Hobbit's eye appt was this morning - I couldn't resist shooting it
Well cool - Hobbit's new glasses are in but Peanut's aren't... and the chocolate frames she ordered for me to try out came too.  Pokey is napping on the sofa so I'll wake him in about thirty minutes so we can boogie down there and check it out.  Should be fun.  Besides, the kids don't have school tomorrow so we're doing burgers with "Tron Legacy" tonight.  I know two people who will be tickled anyway.

Alrighty, off I go.  Just want to finish my delicious cup of Peppermint Mocha before I get started on the afternoon craziness - plus, perhaps I can get a jump on tomorrow's craziness since someone (Pokey) promised someone else (Hobbit) a picnic in the park since everyone will be home together.  I don't care how crazy tomorrow is - it will be nice to have all my babies home all day.

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  1. I'm sorry you guys didn't get in via lottery! :( Hopefully the spots will go as folks decline? or move?. We just found out that my 5 year old got into the german immersion program here and we were waiting on pins and needles ourselves.


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