09 April 2011

PMM "heart" NP

Peppermint Mocha Mama + Norwegian Purl = Blissful Knitting Forever
Yes, it's true.  I love the Norwegian Purl.  I have learned how to do two things that scare me to death this week - socks and the Norwegian Purl technique.  I am amazed that neither of them have killed me... both have impressed me... and I am going to be an even stronger knitter because of it.

It's like a fibre ballet - ducking in and out of stitches, twirling around needles and leaping off in a magnificent motion.  All the while the stitches are locking in and while the technique may be new, the outcome is the same - uniform purl stitches.  No more awkward yarning forward and throwing it around the needle.  No more twisted tails leading back to my bag... oh no - life is going to be uber fine from here on out.  Do you know why?  Because the Norwegian Purl has removed my complete disdain for purling!!  Bring on the ribbing - I can tackle it all - and I can tackle it a billion times faster than before.. look out patterns, here I come!!

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