16 April 2011

Serendipitous Extraordinarious

My geeky humor in photographic form
Blarter.  It's fun to say isn't it?  Blarter.  I could babble that word all day long.  Blarter.  Slowly, I'm turning into Dug from "Up" but that's okay.  Blarter.

What is it, you ask... just the neatest, simplest, coolest idea to ever hit the blogiverse in forever.  I stumbled upon this site and it truly was a serendipitous extraordinarious moment... because what other words could one use to describe Blarter.

Blarter (giggle snort) is a bloggers bartering website.  See how they did that?  Bloggers.  Barter.  Blarter.  Oh my goodness, too cute!  Okay, the knitty gritty of it is that a crafty blogger like myself can go to this site, offer up some of my craftiness in exchange for someone else's craftiness.  Hopefully, my offer to exchange knitted items (dog sweaters, hats, scarves or slippers - limit 2) for a ceramic yarn bowl will be accepted by another crafty soul... fingers crossed!

Pretty spiffy, no?  I've linked them up over there on the sidebar if you are interested in Blartering too.  Oooo... I just turned my new favorite into a verb - like 'googled'.  Giggle snort.


  1. Hi I just found your blog from Ravelry bloggers group. *looking around* very nice. Also, those banners you designed for Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts were totally adorable and perfect for her blog, I hope she uses them.

  2. So cool. I'm going to have to pop over and check it out!


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