06 April 2011

It's Tuesday... no wait... It's Wednesday, right?

Uh-oh.  It's going to be one of those days.  You know, the ones where you can't find your glasses but they're sitting on your nose.  Joy.

I had a billion ideas running around as to what I wanted to post today... okay, perhaps it was only two or three but still, they're gone now.  Probably hanging out with my glasses... no, that can't be because my glasses are actually on my nose - that one I would realize pretty darn quick if it were wrong.

Now that you mention it, I do need to get new glasses.  These were cool when I picked them out almost three years ago but they didn't age well, unlike me... lol.  The little "diamonds" have disappeared in some spots.  The "gold" is turning green.  The covering around the arm by the ear hook is cracked and it pinches my face or pulls my hair when I take them off.  All in all, the only cool aspect about them that is still cool would be the sunglasses that magnetize themselves to the frame... still oh so spiffy.  Knowing that this was coming up, I'm currently saving our pennies to get new glasses - for me and for Peanut since we just got a reminder card about her impending appointment which should be rectified before she heads off to college, 1639 miles away from home - but I have no idea which direction I want to go in this time.

I think I want plastic but that throws in the challenge of the fact that I have a nonexistent bridge in my nose and plastic glasses tend to just slide right down.  Yes folks, the little Cabbage Patch Kid nose is cute and all until you have to put specs on it.  My issue with wire frames is that they bend - I tend to fall asleep in them and they have to be sturdy.   Trust me, after 32 years or so in glasses, I've got a list of demands that must be met or else I just know that they will break or make me very cross.

Here are few of the ideas I have floating around since y'all know about my anal retentive "must research" streak... oh yeah, and I have a round face with squishy cheeks so it must be flattering to that type of face - not an easy task!
D & G by LensCrafters
Vera Bradley's Alex Pink by Pearl Vision
Corinne McCormack jet-yellow by Frames Direct
It will take me countless hours of trying them on, squinting with my nose a mere fraction of an inch away from the mirror and then coming to the conclusion that I just can't decide.  I'll turn to Pokey and the kids and ask "What do you think"... to which I will always hear "You look beautiful".  So sweet, but not helpful. 

Perhaps this year I will just take Peanut.  She can give me the harsh criticism I need.. well, sometimes she can... sometimes she can be downright wishywashy.  Maybe then I'll take Pokey - but his fashion sense is... well... he doesn't have any fashion sense really.  My mama is too far away and my best friend actually lives closer to my mama than she does me.  We all know that sales people can't be trusted so I will just have to go with my blurry instincts.

I wish I could make my own - I could see during the process, chose the perfect colors/style/fit and know that they were right.  Hmmm... now there's an idea!

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