13 April 2011

I Think. I Hope. I Am.

It's a cute case - just needs better organization - I can fix that!
I am going to create a dpn case.  I need one.  My ziplock baggie system is not working out so well - they keep escaping.  I bought a cute 'make-up' zipper pouch with cherries on it for a dollar but it doesn't organize them, it just contains them.  I need something more 'together' so I've decided that I am going to sew my own.

It won't be fabulous.  It won't be awesomeness in fabric form.  It will, however, be functional and organized... and perhaps be a bit of a proud spot for me since I am not a fabulous seamstress.  That title belongs to my mother.

Wish me luck.  It's my project for after supper.  Now, it's time to make the taco burgers - hope Pokey saw my note about picking up buns and tots on his way home!

*Updated to add the photo in color - my edit looks too "film noir" for my lighthearted self.  Here is the original shot that I took, no editing involved... doesn't it make you happy!
That's better - sunshine and, well, cherries

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