02 April 2011

Aspirations (2KCBWDAY6)

I have lofty aspirations.. well, for me they are lofty.  I want to learn how to do Fair Isle knitting.  I think it is the most beautiful knitting on the universe.  There is only one thing standing in my way - me.

Click Image to go to pattern from Red Heart
I am scared to death to tackle something so intricate.  I can follow a knitting pattern, no problem.  I use charts all the time in cross stitch, again with no problem.  Somehow, my brain ceases up when I try to combine the two.  I am not sure how and I am not sure why but it does.  I end up as a puddle in the corner of the room, rocking like a small child.

One day I will succeed.  One day I will stand tall with something, anything, that I will have created in Fair Isle.  One day I will have concurred this fear. 

One day.. just not today.


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