05 April 2011


Yesterday was beautiful.  The sun was out but it wasn't sticky hot.  There was hardly any pollen floating around to aggravate me or Hobbit.  It was just the perfect Spring day.  I was energized - I was inspired - I was duped!!

While yesterday was being glorious, Mother Nature was being dubious in the background - cooking up a nasty chain of storms for our 'enjoyment' today.  I don't like storms.  Rain, I love, but storms, not so much.  I can retrace the exact events as to why I am terrified of storms... and I can thank Daddy for it!

You see, when I was a little girl, my daddy tried to show me that there was nothing to be afraid of when it stormed.  Now, you have to know my daddy - he is the sweetest, most gentle, funniest guy you'd ever meet.  He's a genius, literally, but doesn't take life too seriously.  My daddy taught me how to relax and look at life sideways, so to speak.  As a little girl, he was my Superman... shoot, as an adult he is still my Superman.  If Daddy said that there is nothing to be afraid of then surely, he must be right.

He took me to the window of our home, pulled up a chair so I could stand tall and see.  As he was explaining exactly what thunder and lightening were on a scientific level, I was watching out the window... my fear was starting to ease up at the soothing sound of my daddy's voice and the logical explanation he was offering me.  Then... it happened.  Just as he was uttering the words "You see Sweetpea, there is nothing to be afraid of out there" - lightening struck the tree outside and ripped it in two!!

I screamed and ran to my room, horrified... and have been a chicken ever since.  I appreciate the fact that my daddy tried to show me how there was nothing to fear - but Mother Nature has a cruel, twisted sense of humor... figures.

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