01 April 2011

Wiser Than I

"It's not the size of the man but the size of his heart
that matters." ~ Evander Holyfield
There are a good many people in this world who are far wiser than I - and I respect that... shoot, I appreciate that!  I would hate to be the wisest person I know - how would I learn?  How would I grow as a human being?  The challenge that many face is that they believe themselves to be the wisest person they know... and they refuse to learn or grow.

When one stops learning and growing, one begins dying.  You can learn from anyone - and you should learn from everyone.  Learn what you like.  Learn what you don't like.  Learn who you want to be.  Learn who you don't want to be.  Just learn.  Be open to the experience and the idea that you do not know all there is to know - that you can use help and guidance - that someone just may be able to help.  Don't be blinded by your own opinion of your worth.

Buddha once said, "Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill."  So be mindful of how wise you truly are - and the words you speak to others.  They carry more weight than you may realize.

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