12 April 2011


Detail of Hobbit's glasses
Today, the girls and I went to get new glasses.  This is always an event since one of us is indecisive, one of us is a 'yes' girl and the other doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings so will deflect the question of "what do you think".  Yeah, it makes life a bit hard.  These are the times when my precious husband, who has no real fashion sense, comes in handy because he will flat out say "Yes, I like those" or "Nope, those are ugly".  Unfortunately, Pokey had to work so it was up to the three of us to help one another out.  Little did I know, the littlest one would live up to the strength of her name ~ at least in regards to fashion.

Peanut and I had to have our eyes examined and Hobbit just needed new frames because she has a nickle allergy and the paint on her frames was wearing off, causing her face to break out in a rash.  We all knew we wanted plastic frames.  We all had ideas of what colors we wanted ~ black, purple, chocolate, pink or any combination of those four.

Marking her bifocal
Hobbit walked in and found her glasses straight off the bat.  They were perfect.  Pink.  Sparkly accent.  Flower detail.  This kid has some fashion prowess, let me tell you.  Oh how I pined away for the same frames but in adult size.  Peanut found frames too that were perfect for her.  Black.  Sparkly accent.  Flower detail.  Wait a minute - those are Hobbit's glasses in black!  All I could think of was the sentence "SO NOT FAIR" and I believe I may have actually uttered it out loud, complete with a stamping of my foot.

Detail of Peanut's glasses
As I perused the wall of frames, Jessica, the godsend and savior of the front office area, was on the phone to manufacturer.  She was inquiring if they had the frame in an adult arm length... and in pink.  They did!  It is back ordered until the end of the month - but she was savvy enough to order a pair in chocolate, just to see if I would like them.  If I do, then I am set.  When the pink pair comes in, she's going to call me to try them on because if I like them, she can pop out my lens and put them in the pink pair!

Peanut's new specs
I adore this woman.  Because of things like this, we don't shop for glasses anywhere else.  Sure, big box areas have a great selection and you can get them in hour... but they certainly wouldn't do half of what Jessica has done for us over the years.  So I have to wait a week to get my new glasses.  I'd rather do that from a group that I have a relationship with than get mine in an hour from a cold, callus individual who could care less about us as a family.

It's refreshing to know that there are still places of business today who put people before the all mighty dollar.

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