19 April 2011

Ten on Tuesday

So Carole wants to know ten reasons why I love my family - pretty spiffy but I'm not sure I can keep it to ten, although I will try.  Here goes:

  1. Giggles - my family is full of them and we share them freely.
  2. Abandoned Silliness - we're goofy and we don't care who knows it.
  3. Hugs and Kisses - our children will still do this wherever we are.  They aren't too cool to love their parents... and not because they want something - just because they felt the urge to do it.  When other kids walk ten feet in front or behind their families, mine are holding hands with us and we're skipping along together.  Yeah, we're that family that dances in a store if a good song plays too.
  4. Creativity - we inspire and encourage one another in our artistic endeavors... and this is one crazy creative family... from cooking to art to photography to writing and all things in between.
  5. Unwavering Support - we are there for one another 100%, no matter what... and I am so thankful that everyone in our family knows, understands and appreciates this fact.
  6. Traditions - old ones or new, we love the things that make our family unique... we have our own little twists that we've developed over the years and we just weave them into the ones that have been in our families for generations.
  7. Understanding - even when we don't 'get it', we will always work hard to get on the same field... because if you're on the same field at least, you have a better chance of finally 'getting it'.
  8. Originality - my family is unique and I love that we don't even think about keeping up with The Jones... shoot, we don't even know The Jones... and we like it that way.
  9. Forgiveness - everyone messes up, it's a given, but we can say "okay, it's done so let's move forward" and whatever it was stays in the past... where it belongs.
  10. Appreciation - be it little or big, my family appreciates all things in life.  A cake being decorated just for you.  A handwritten note of love.  A simple snuggle on the couch - or a dog pile full of tickles... it's all about the love behind it that matters.
So those are a just few of the reasons why I love my family... if you want a few more, just come for a visit and you'll soon see for yourself.  I've got a pot of coffee on, come on when you're ready... oh, and don't forget your project!


  1. Ooooohh, forgiveness is a good one. Love your list.

  2. To answer your question, I got the fabric from Purl Soho in NYC! You can find them at www.purlbee.com


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