06 April 2011

Page 1, Number 8

That is where I am located if you do a Google search for "Peppermint Mocha".  I am nowhere to be found if you do a search for "knitting blogs".  Why is that?

I was curious about whether or not I have made a dent in the blogisphere so I took a look.  I thought that surely I would be somewhere within the first 5 pages of entries... I thought wrong.  I couldn't find me at all, well at least not in the first ten pages of entries... I got a tad sad after that and just stopped looking.

What puts a person up there in the Google search results?  It's not timeliness of posts because the first result is a listing of "Top Knitting Blogs" but it has their first option listed by a blogger who hasn't written since September of 2010.  The second result is another listing but it was dated from 2008!  I kid you not - here is my search result link.

Now the third entry is an actual blog.  It's actually a blog that I follow so I was pleased to see that people really do show up in the search engine results.  Several of the entries listed afterward are blogs that I read as well... but mine wasn't there.  How come?

Don't misunderstand - this is not a pity party in any way, shape or form.  I am honestly curious how these results come about and would love to reach more crafty people if possible.  I have learned so much from other crafty bloggers, made some delightful friendships and shared some fabulous ideas with people that I otherwise would never have met.  They either live in the UK or AZ or somewhere in between... and I consider myself very blessed to know them.

I guess the question is - how do I find more yarnoholics to join in?  Caffeine addicts warm my heart and I adore them - especially since I am one - but Fibre friends warm my soul.

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