06 April 2011

Light a Candle, Say A Prayer

I am fixin' to cast on my first ever pair of socks!  This will require a bit of divine intervention if I am going to get up the nerve to do this.. it's on my 2011 Promise To Try list.

Supplies:  286 yrds of fibre, US7 dpns & coffee
It all came about because I own a knitting group on my 'mommy forums' and threw out the suggestion that we do a knitalong.  Sounds fun, right?  I thought so too - as did the rest of the group.  Next was to decided what we were going to knit.  The options were sweater, mystery, sock and other (because there is always an other - and they had to supply a new option if they chose it).  I prayed really hard that mystery would win and my friend would help me pick out a fun pattern.  Apparently, I didn't pray hard enough - either that or He just giggled at me, thinking it was cute.

Socks won.  By a landslide.  I was fubar'd.

Everyone else has their socks cast on and I've been dragging my feet.  I finally freed up my US 7 dpns so I can cast on tonight.  40 stitches.  2x2 ribbing.  8" of finished work.  I can do that, easy... it's what awaits after that that scares the stuffing out of me... turning the heel!!

Amy2 promises that it will be fine.  She swears I won't die making socks.  She says that I am smarter than said sock... I think she has a lot of faith or is a terrible liar.  It's one of the two and I'm leaning towards the latter.


  1. the only scary thing about socks is that they are so much fun you won't be able to stop making them. All your other projects will be neglected. Actually the heel is not hard at all. As long as you have a good pattern to follow it is simple simon! Enjoy!

  2. My suggestion, don't over think the heel flap, heel and picking up stitches for the gusset. Just do it and you'll be fine. The you will be addicted to socks!

  3. I agree with both of you--once you make a pair you will be hooked! Heel turning does not deserve the bad press it gets. Just remember, it is only knitting! Have fun with it.

  4. Just trust the pattern and it will be all right!

  5. Yeah socks!!! You know that I am beyond pumped about this. :)
    Once you turn the heel, you will think "why was I so worried?"
    Enjoy. I can't wait to see them.


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