27 April 2011

Perhaps Tomorrow

Lil' Chef Ramsay watching the world outside
I had my day all planned.  I was going to cut out and sew together my new dress.  I was... but now, I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.  It's partly my fault and partly just life getting in the way.

You see, Hobbit is home today.  I took her to the doctor last night after school because she stopped in at the school nurse twice yesterday, complaining about her belly.  The first phone called received the statement "You've just got to suck it up and get back to class.  Some days we just don't feel good" but the second one had my brain turning around the idea that we had another UTI so I asked her if she thought we had to go see the doctor.  Initially she said no but while we were out picking up Peanut's glasses, she changed her mind.  I called and there was an opening so we headed in.  $20 and 2.5 hours later, I get the answer of "nothing decisive but her pH is high which leads me to believe something is going on"... I worked really hard not to laugh - I knew "something was going on", that's why I brought her in but hey, now that he's said it too I guess that made it official.  Anyway, we've got an antibiotic to take and I'm keeping her home today because we've had the worst luck with her and medication allergies.  This will just save me a trip to the school to pick her up if she breaks out in hives.

I also have to haul Lil' Chef Ramsay into the doggie doctor today because of his bought with Giardia - creepy little intestinal parasite that if you look it up online, it will freak you smooth out (and a contributing factor as to why I took Hobbit to the doctor yesterday).  He's got to go in and see if it's cleared up.  At least Pokey was sweet enough to gather a "sample" for me this morning so I wouldn't have to do it... and so they wouldn't have to retrieve one at the vet.  I'm hoping he is fine and we can go about our life as normal.  At least I know this vet visit will be much better than the initial one with that bully of a woman I saw - she had me in tears by the time I got home and I'm not a crier.  My original vet even called me at home to make sure I was alright and he swore that he will be the only one to ever see our dogs in the future.  Just another reason why I love our vet - he is the sweetest man.

So there you have it - one sick kid and one recovering pooch are going to be occupying my day.  I might try to at least cut out my pattern today.  I could always sew it tomorrow after I take Hobbit to school.  I can't do it Friday because I will be glued to the television, watching history and being a girl.  Oh well, I guess I'll be watching Disney Channel and working on my other sock for the majority of the day, which is fine too... I just really wanted to sew my dress. 

Now that I think about it, I might need to make a quick shrug to go over it - I don't like sleeveless dresses... uh-oh, to Ravelry I go!!


  1. Don't get lost too long at Raverly, I know I always spend too much time there when I'm looking for something .. everything just looks so yummy!

  2. I agree--easy to get sidetracked on that site! Hope all your nursing is successful. What does the new dress look like?

  3. Ha! Just read your earlier post--dress question answered!

  4. oh gosh, we had Giardia last summer (it was rampant around town according to the vet) and what a pain that was to get rid of (in the dog). Hope that your pooch and your daughter are both feeling better soon!


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