26 April 2011

Wish Me Luck

I'm thinking view A, minus the huge sash
I have been searching for weeks for a dress to wear to Peanut's graduation.  I hate everything out there!  Since when did the fashion industry come up with the idea that all women wanted to look like two dollar tricks on a Saturday night?  What happened to the days of femininity and modesty?

Oh and can someone please explain to me how in the world I can wear a size 16 in one store but walk into another store and wear a size 24?  I know I'm fluffy but please - there is no way I expanded walked 50 feet down the mall!!  I have no delusions of being a size 2 - and no desire to be - but I know ding dang good and well that I should be able to try on one size in one store and then go to a different store to try on clothes in the same size and have them fit.

Anyway, since the fashion industry completely failed - I'm making my own dress.  I went to JoAnn Fabrics after taking Peanut to school today and found a pattern that I liked, a material that I love and all the notions.  I even got a bonus pattern and two bags for less than the price of one of those slutty numbers I despised.  I think that it was $38 well spent - plus, I can reuse the pattern for more dresses and I have a dresser with remnants in there... no telling what I could create!

So thank you fashion houses - because of you, my sewing machine is going to get some well deserved use this summer.  Wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't do the huge tails on the sash, but something around your waist to break it up might be nice (you can always play around with that after the dress is made, though) VERY pretty!!!


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