30 April 2011

The Sweetest

She is the sweetest girl in the universe - and I'm lucky to know her.
I've never actually met her.   We wouldn't know one another if we literally ran into each other in the street... and yet, we're friends.  We share common interests.  We laugh together.  We support one another.

She sent me a happy in the post because I ventured forth and conquered my fear of knitting socks.


  1. Sometimes after knitting things for others, we need to take time to knit for ourselves. So when you are ready to knit yourself some socks- now you have the prefect yarns and your favorite color. :)

  2. I am friends with Andi too and she is THE most loveliest lady in the world - EVER! Very, very, very big hearted indeed. We are both blessed to know her. :)


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