18 April 2012

Busy Birthday Business

I tried and that's what counts
I have blue fingers.  I do.  I'm not kidding.  Have you ever walked up to a baker and asked them if they can make a TARDIS cake?  No?  You really should - the looks you receive are priceless.  Like I'm the whackadoodle for asking... maybe they're the whackadoodles for not knowing!

I did my best to make one for Hobbit.  She was tickled with it - or perhaps it was the ability to lick the beater last night, one will never know for sure.  It took almost a full bottle of blue coloring to make the icing the right shade of Doctor Who blue.  You know what is even better - it tastes like oranges.  Oh yeah, way to monkey with your mind!  The inside is polka dot so if we're going to get all wibbly wobbly, timey whimey on you then we're going to go all the way!

Happy Hobbit Timelord
You may have guessed that around here, your birthday doesn't start until the hour you were born.  Poor Peanut was born at 4:45 a.m. so every year from the first celebration until a few weeks ago, I wake her up and wish her "Happy Birthday".  I don't know why or how it came about, it's just something that happened and it stuck - plus, as she got older it was fun to pounce on her before she was awake just to say "Happy Birthday" and then run away giggling like mad.  Evil payback for the entire year.  This year, she stayed up just so she wouldn't miss my calling her in her dorm to wish her her first "Happy Birthday" of the day and make it officially her birthday.

Hobbit got off a lot easier.  She wasn't born until 10 a.m. so there is no pouncing or waking at odd hours of the morning.  She will also have a rotten time frame when she gets older because it has traditionally fallen on the state standardized testing period.  Thank goodness that won't happen until 3rd grade... so we took full advantage of it this year and let her stay home.  We're also doing things a bit differently - a present every few hours during the day, starting with her biggest first.

Very serious time traveling happening around her today - she's The Doctor

Now, we'll be spending the day protecting the universe, hanging out in the TARDIS and going on adventures all day long... wonder if I can get any squares done while we 'travel'?


  1. Very cute! I use to be a cake decorator and a lady at my old office asked me to make a cake with a picture of a pug on it. I ended up melting the icing and painting it onto the cake.

    Oh and I have blue fingers from dyeing this past weekend. Maybe start a club?

  2. Happy birthday Hobbit! And the cake is amazing, looks yummy.


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