23 April 2012

Colour me happy (3KCBWDAY1)

A small snapshot of my yarny history
I took a look through my yarn stash and my Ravelry notebook, to see if I had a theme to my color palette and the only link I could find was that the colors I used made me happy.  It's true. I don't have a bunch of any one color family because I enjoy all colors.  I love how a simple green can change the color of someone's eyes or a gentle pink can add a natural blush to another's cheeks.

Do I have a favorite color - sure, I think most people do.  Do I only purchase things in that color or color family, shoot no because then I would miss out on all the other amazing shades in the universe.  As you can see, my yarn stash has everything from white to rust, green to grey and cream to crimson.  It's all beautiful and it all has a place in my crafting world.

Yes, colors can enhance a look, mood or feeling. Yes, colors also have very interesting meanings.  I like to play with both because sometimes, the irony is my little inside joke to myself.  I have been known to make items that 'clash' with their color meaning... the end result is still a gorgeous item.

Color is a beautiful thing and I am happy to use every single one I can find.



  1. Your yarn stash photos are lovely :)
    That pile of colourful yarn by the sunny yellow square just sings to me!

  2. That is my NerdWars dissertation blanket! It's under my project pages called "Rapunzel's New Dream". I'm hope to have it done this week!

  3. I know you dont need anything else on your plate right now - but did you see this? http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEss12/PATTbigger.php

    1. Oh. My. Bob. Soooooooo making that as soon as I get some TARDIS blue yarn. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. Such great takes of your yarn in that collage. I admire how you can knit w/any color.


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