11 April 2012

It'll be here soon

Ravelympics.  Can you believe it's that time again already?  Me neither but I must admit it, I love the Olympics and this year, they're in my favorite city - London, UK.  Every year I sit my fluffy self down and watch them, dreaming about how wonderful it would be to have one ounce of their athletic prowess.  Ravelympics is the perfect outlet.

Do you think that while the little gymnasts are tumbling across the floor they are curious how to get the right amount of negative ease on their sweater? Pondering gauge and yardage don't seem to be a top issue when the divers are making tiny little splashes.

Having the dedication and nimble finger prowess to create 1500+ yards of beautiful lace is just as tough as competing in the decathlon. My Olympic dreams may have never come true, for obvious reasons, but my Ravelympic ones most certainly will because this year, I'm a co-captain for the NerdWars team!!

Crafting, geekery and physical prowess combined - oh yeah, that'll get your face on a Wheaties box.

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