06 April 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 4/6 - 4/8

What, you were hoping for something crafty and creative perhaps?  Yeah, me too.
This is Mount Dontwannawashalaundry. It has gone untouched all week due to a phenomenon known as "Spring Break". If ignored for too long, it will take over an entire weekend to get it back under control. Side effects, such as Dontwannadustaroom and Dontwannadothefloors have been known to accompany the Mountain. The only remedy is Suckitupanddoit which tasted awful and generally produces mood swings, aching muscles, sneezing, sweating and whining.

If you know anyone who has been struck down with any of these, please be kind - lend a hand or simply quietly slip back out and wait a few days before returning. It isn't fatal but it has been known to claim a victim or two. So please, know the symptoms and know the signs so that your house is never claimed by such evilness - it isn't pretty.


  1. Around here it's Mount Dontwannacleanmybathroom.

    1. Yeah, Nowannascrubbatubba happens here too... lol.


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