19 April 2012

Less than six weeks

That is all the time we have left in this school year.  Can you believe it?  Want to see a real kicker - all the moms in the world will get this one ~

She's gotten so big in such a short period of time - where has my little baby girl gone?!?!
I am looking forward to our lazy days of summer.  No more running all over to simply wait in line.  Waking up without an alarm. No real agendas that need to be followed. Delicious days full of knitting, crochet, sewing, baking and photography or whatever else we can dream up.

There are downsides to this summer as well but I refuse to dwell on them. They are factors that I can't change or control so why waste energy on them when all it will do is make me sad, you know? I decided that it is a lot more fun to simply look at the positive side of it all.

I know these six weeks are going to simultaneously fly by and crawl slower than Christmas Eve night but I am going to do my best to enjoy every minute of it - regardless of speed.

Are you looking forward to summer break? Any big plans?

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