13 April 2012

But Jezza loved it!

2009 VW Beetle... yeah, I love it too.
I've got Beetle on the brain today. Lately, my husband and I have been trying to figure out where in our budget we can shave things so that we can look into getting new cars. I admit, I've come up with the greatest bit of creative calculations and rationalization train of thought. EVER.

Being the Top Gear petrol-head that I am, I know a thing or two about cars. I had my husband go and trade in his 2003 Lanser for a used 2009 Aero that only had 11,000 miles on it (compared to his Lanser with over 100k) and I'm waiting to hear what type of payment arrangements the VW dealership can do by trading in my 2006 Tuscan for a 2009 Beetle that only has 32k miles on it compared to my 100k (lots of driving back and forth to Disney for work can eat up your car, trust me).

Where's the creative bit you ask... our combined car payment would only be a bit more than my current car payment AND our gas budget would be cut in half because instead of us getting 30 and 20 miles per gallon respectively, he'll be getting 40 and I'll be getting 30... PLUS, they're both manual transmissions so it will be even better than that! At the very least, this vehicular upgrade will be a wash financially speaking and I'm good with that.  To have the piece of mind that my husband's car won't die on his 75 mile daily trek to and from work without a cell phone, well that's just priceless.

 So fingers crossed, they call back tonight and say "come get your Bug" because I would love nothing more than to pop out my door every day and holler "Red"!

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