12 April 2012

Morning Latte

Cheree made me this gorgeous project bag
Look at the fabulous details!
It's like a perky colored TARDIS, I swear!
And her version of "a little something extra" is to toss in another little bag!
If you don't know my friend Cheree over at The Morning Latte, you really should.  She is a very talented woman - green thumb guru, quilting queen, sewing sensation and knitting knock-out.  Take a look at her real estate in the blogiverse - her blog and her shoppe.

I promise, you will be overjoyed to have such a person in your circle of friends.  I know I am.  Thank you, Cheree - I absolutely love my bags.  You have done a wonderful job and I still haven't stopped giggling over them yet!


  1. Tardis!? Seriously, if I'd had any coffee with me at the moment (we won't go down that road seeing as how we're keeping things light and chipper this morning and "no coffee" is just really sad) I prob would've spit it out in laughter. Love me a good simile. (and some Dr. Who) I guess I'll settle for a decent amount of blushing with all the flattery. Sheesh! LOL
    Anyway, wow! Glad to see you got so much in there! And it's just so fun to see how much you're enjoying it. :o) Knit on!

    1. I took it with me yesterday to all my running around appointments and I got compliments on it everywhere! Love it a million times over!!


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