15 April 2012

Sunday Snaps

I only got one of these projects completed and very little headway on the others...

She's had a bit of a rough week but I think we're coming round again... I hope...

It's gone everywhere with me and it always gets compliments.. love my bag!

This was the one project I finished.  It was my 6 of 6 submission for NerdWars... cute, huh.

This is my pretty new baby's nose. This is a large part of the reason why very little crafting was done.
It's been a very wild week.  Hobbit is so super excited about her birthday this Wednesday that she's having trouble focusing at school.  Pokey got a new car Saturday and I got a new car Saturday... but we spent the better part of the week making Saturday happen so it's been kind of crazy.  I have a timeline set up for completing my dissertation by the end of the month (in just 2 weeks) - we'll see if it's doable though I think it is if I do one crucial step - get up from here! 

Oh, and I found another place to feed my crafting competition craziness - a group on Ravelry called Harry Potter's Knitting and Crochet House Cup (often times referred to as HPKCHC for obvious reasons).  I'm hoping the Sorting Hat places me in Hufflepuff... fingers crossed!

How was your week?

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