07 April 2012

Only here...

Scene: Husband in bed, asleep for several hours, and a tired wife just coming to bed.  Husband is stretched kitty-corner across the entire bed with his upper body on his side and his lower body across her's.

Wife: Move over a bit baby.
Husband: Grumble snort.
Wife: Honey, shove over a bit please.
Husband: Ehhh errrrr mmmmmhhhpphhh (grabs more covers under him).
Wife: (pries covers back to her side of the bed and promptly sticks cold feet on husband's rump)
Husband: (immediately returns all of his body to his side of bed) Snoooooooore.
Wife: Thank you.  I love you. (Kisses the back of her husband's head and laughs to herself)

Lesson learned - go to bed anyway, even if you aren't tired because some people take it upon themselves to warm the entire bed in your absence. Sometimes I think all of the silliness that goes on in this house only happen here.  No wonder people say that my life would make an awesome sitcom...


  1. LOL that sounds like my house when hubby goes to bed early. Usually when I talk to him, he grumbles and slides over half an inch. This occurs multiple times till I have enough room to squeeze in and sleep.

    1. Yeah, I normally gently coax him back to his side so I can have a bit of room to sleep but I was so tired last night that I went straight for the ice cold feet on his backside... saved me some time... lol.


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