09 July 2011

The benefits of a crafty mind

Thinking outside the box
I have been searching for a great project bag to stick my little sock projects in so they won't get tangled with my bigger projects while tucked into my universal project bag.  All of the bags I found cost more than they are worth.  Let me clarify that real quick - I love the cute little drawstring bags found on etsy and such but I don't see the value in them.  For such a small item to cost $20 and above seems extravagant to me... they're cute but just too expensive.

That being said - I went out again today to search for what I envisioned... and I found it!  This entire adventure cost me the same amount of money as one of those supposedly posh bags and I got a lot more than just one little bag.  I walked away with 21 new patterns, 3 new bags and a pair of socks (some assembly required).  Take that poof bag!!
It's perfect!

How did I do it, you ask... simple.  I went to the make up section of my local big box superstore that I usually attempt to avoid like the plague.  There I found a charming set of three bags, graduated in size, that will fit every little bit and bob I will need for any future knitting/crochet projects.  I was floored to also find the latest issue of Interweave Knits there - honestly, that would have been the last place on earth I would have looked for it. 

Just prior to stopping at the plague infested big box super store, I wandered around a big box crafty store where I wandered out with one simple skein of yarn that I have had my eye on for several weeks.  I attempted to look for said project bag there but it was a halfhearted effort since I knew from past experience, they wouldn't have anything remotely useable.  So the end result was my finding the perfect cute little project bag(s), a cherished magazine and some fabulous future socks - all for 1/4 of the cost of one poncy bag and I have monies left over!
Interweave Knits, Summer 2011

Sometimes, the greatest craft items aren't 'craft' items at all... that is, they aren't until one crafty mind sees them as such.  The next time you wish you had something but all the things you find turn out to be way more than you wish to spend, step outside the box.  Go back to the basics of what you are looking for and you just might be surprised where that road will lead you - I know I was... and I was even more surprised at how much money I saved by doing it.


  1. I agree about your Etsy comments. I always find cute things there, but the price tag makes me very hesitant to actually buy anything. Good shopping finds!

  2. ha,ha shouldn't that be "Thinking INSIDE the Box (store)? Congrats on your great finds.
    Of course in defence of the etsy folks -- even at the prices they charge they are making a pittance an hour --handcrafted here at home just can't compete with the price of factory produced in china products. Sad but true.
    One of my fave sayings is, "Why would I spend $20.00 on a sweater at the store when I could knit that myself for $200.00"

  3. I can totally agree with you. I also find that instant gratification is not always good. Stopping to think a bit often leads you to be able to think of another (cheaper) and more fulfilling way to get what you wanted.

    Haste makes Waste!


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