20 July 2011

Free spirits can be frustrating

Yep, she's sound asleep.  Yep, those are her "Jesse" boots.  That's my girl
It is true.  Hobbit is what some people would call "a free spirit".  She has no fear and dances to the beat of her own drum.  She's wildly imaginative, creative and an excellent problem solver.  She's highly intelligent and sometimes doesn't understand that simply because she 'can', it doesn't always mean that she 'should'.

This past summer it feels as though she has grown.  Sure, she's gotten bigger physically but I mean as a person.  I feel as though I have missed something major in her life.  She isn't the goofy little baby girl that I watched leave to go her grandparents back in June.  Nope, she has returned much older than her mere six years.  Its as though I have missed about ten years of her life but in order to help me catch up, she returned to me in her 6-year-old form but left her 16-year-old mind intact.

Thank goodness some of her old goofiness still shines through every now and again.

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