27 July 2011

Too hard to tell

Hobbit's Summer Adventure (click to enlarge).
*She didn't take the one of her fishing though all the others
are by her - straight off her camera (my old pink Kodak)
I went to bed last night feeling a bit nauseous and didn't wake up feeling any better.  It's that annoying queasy feeling.  You aren't totally ill but just all over icky and blah.  I really dislike this feeling.

I know it wasn't the honey mustard chicken from last night because no one else is feeling ill.  I always worry when I feel icky and we've had chicken the night before... I saw my mama once after a birthday dinner where she got food poisoning from a chicken dish.  It wasn't pretty.  I'm nowhere near that neighborhood of ill, thank goodness.  I just feel puny... yeah, that's a good way to describe it.  I feel puny.

Only two more days left to Pokey's vacation and today looks like it is going to be lazy.  The weather is gross which doesn't help in my attempts to lie to myself that I feel fine.  I'll have to find other ways of duping myself I guess.  On the upside - I can nap all day if I feel moved to do so because he is here... and he's sweet enough to not mind.  Currently though, I can't figure out if I'm hungry or not and I'm honestly a tad scared to figure it out.  If it turns out that I'm ill, that first bite could be the one to turn all things upside down... and I would much rather be rightside up!


  1. Try drinking rosehip tea very slowly (a sip or two every 5 min), that calms the upset stomach the best. No way chamomile, because that upsets it even more. This was a docs advise to me, and it helped me.
    Get better soon!

  2. Here's hoping you feel much better!


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