13 July 2011

See, this is when a TARDIS would come in handy.

I put this as my laptop wallpaper one night - subtle, no?
Today starts a lot of travel to an event that I have wanted to go to for years.  I even jokingly hinted around to Pokey that we should go - knowing full well and good that there wasn't snowball's chance in Miami that we would make it... at least not this year.  One year though, one year we will make it.

Knit Nation is one of the largest fiber events in the UK.  Classes are being taught by some of the heavy-weights in the industry.  I mean wouldn't you want to spend time learning how to be as fabulous as Franklin or as creative as Cookie A.?  I know, for me, that I would probably be too excited to knit and my stitches would be all wonky because of my hands shaking - funny but oh so true!

Safe travels to all who are lucky enough to actually head to Knit Nation today.  I can't wait to see the photos and hear the stories.  This year, I will live vicariously through you... and one year, I will most definitely return the favor.  I promise.

For those who don't understand the TARDIS reference in the title, click here.


  1. I am not heading to Knit Nation either, although being in England I'm considerably closer. The Uk does Fibre events well from what I've heard, although I happen to live in an area where the population of avid knitters is 1 - me!

  2. I'll try and remember to take lots of photos to share ;) Hope you make it one day, this year will be my first so I shall report back!


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