02 July 2011

They grow up so fast

I must admit - I'm rather tickled with it so far
In this case, it would be overnight.  I know, you are probably lost since that is all the information you have - would you like for me to elaborate a bit more?  Okay, I will.

I am working on my first sweater ever for Pokey.  It is actually a test knit for another designer and I am loving it!  Intimidation did not get the best of me.  I saw her prototype and just knew that it would look fabulous on my husband - it was just "him" and I "had" to make it.  Enough said, I made up my mind and my nerves would just have to get over it.

I had the perfect yarn (and it has been such a delight that it is getting it's own post tomorrow) and the perfect set up to get the optimal amount of knitting done.  I could do the ribbing, no issues or focus delay but when it came to the knitty gritty of it all, I needed a dual distraction.  You see, I can't knit in quiet and I can't knit with music if I have to count stitches for a pattern because singing and counting don't mix well in my brain.  I can, however, watch/listen to a movie... so that is what I have been doing.

While I love to knit, and always have at least one project working, I apparently knit slower than others.  My fellow test knitters are already done with the back shaping and have moved on to the front.  I felt slower than usual... it actually was making me sad.  Now I know this isn't a race or anything but still - to be last, and by such a huge margin, was a tad much for me.  So I set my mind to having little goals... for example, this weekend I would like to finish the back section.  Nothing earth shattering but a bit of a push for me all the same.

Subliminal movie watching at work here
So yesterday, I sat down with the goal and wondered what I was going to do to keep my mind engaged while my fingers "flew" and the answer came to me - rewatch all of the Harry Potter series so that when July 15th arrives, I'm refreshed with the storyline and good to go.  Granted, I could have simply reread the entire series but I'm saving that for when Hobbit is big enough to enjoy them together (and we're almost there).  Yesterday, we managed to save the stone, close the chamber, rescue a prisoner and win a tournament.  Sure, Diggory died but we find him to be a ponce anyway.  Today, we're going to come to order, meet a prince and venture into part of the hallows - all the while working on a project aptly named "Hallows Pullover" because the designer created it off of the version that Ron is wearing in the most recent film.  You weren't expecting that twist now, were you!

Isn't it amazing how it all comes together?

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  1. I too have been rewatching the movies in prep for the final movie.Love how your sweater ties nicely into the theme. :) It is looking lovely so far.


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