21 July 2011

It's been forever

Our dear friends, playing Pooh Sticks
Pokey and I don't go to the theatre much.  To be honest, we rarely go at all.  It has to be an extra special movie for us to validate the expense - because when we go, we want the whole experience.  We had toyed with the last Harry Potter movie but talked ourselves out of it due to chattering teeny boppers and such.  We kicked around the idea of going to the new Tom Hanks and Julie Roberts romantic comedy but we realized that we are going to love it anyway so might as well wait until we buy it this Christmas when it comes out.  Today though, today we are definitely going and we are going all out.

Sure, we're going to purchase it when it comes out on DVD.  Sure, we've seen it a million times before in a million different ways.  This movie though - this one is a no-brainer.  There is no talking yourself out of a classic.  There are no excuses to give as to why you shouldn't be sitting in a disgustingly sticky floored theatre, in chintzy crushed velvet seats with built in cup holders.  It's a must for the full experience - because my childhood friend, whom I still adore, deserves the royal treatment and to be enjoyed in all his glory - meaning nothing but the big screen will do.

Today, we are all anxious 6-year-olds in this house and we're off to the 100 Acre Woods!

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