03 July 2011

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Many people are crafty, they just don't know it.  How many times have you fashioned something out of an object that was in no way meant to do what you used it for?  A simple example for girls would be using a pen/pencil to tie up their hair when it's hot.  I know I've done this trick many a time... even used a knitting needle a time or two.

Just the other day I read about how one of my favorite bloggers used a golf tee as a cable needle.  I would not have thought of that - although I have used a pencil before.  We make things because we see a need - we see that which others do not.  Who else but a crafty person would have come up with knitted reusable coffee cup cozies?  Who else but a crafty minded soul would have come up with taking two sticks and some yarn, make a few knots and boom, you've got a blanket?

Crafters are ingenious and ingenuity is fun.
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  1. There is something to be said of the person that can make something from nothing. :)

  2. You're right, ingenuity is exactly the word ;)

  3. I think that there are lots of us who take pride in that kind of problem solving.

  4. Great word, and you are very right. Though I don't think I have as much ingenuity as most crafters.

  5. Great post!! There is lots to be proud of when you're crafty!

  6. I always wondered who looked those 2 sticks and a sheep and thought, I could make clothing out of that!


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