06 July 2011

Tuesday Tunes ~ Special "PSA" Edition

There was a lot going on yesterday and Tuesday Tunes was moved to a special Wednesday edition... yeah, I know but just go with it.  I have been searching for a specific CD that I own and it has been eluding me for several days.  Something deep down tells me that it may have made it's way into someone else's collection under the header "borrowed"... and I believe it has company. 

My once impressive music collection has slowly dwindled down into a few favorites tucked into my car and my Christmas/Showtune collection hidden in my closet.  I am happy that others love my music and saddened that my own copies seem to grow legs and walk away... perhaps instead of searching I should simply fill out a missing persons report, as they are obviously alive and mobile.
This is the music that I have been searching for recently.  Gavin Rossdale's voice is just amazing.  It's raw and gritty but sweet and serene.  Even when he is rocking it to the rafters, his voice is the instrument that pulls you in and takes hold of your heart.  No matter the mood, Gavin's voice fits it perfectly... well, it would if you could find your CD but since I believe mine to be headed to university then I guess I will have to make due with the copy I ripped to my computer.

Oh yeah, after several misplaced albums and a music loving teenager in the house who borrows for indefinite periods of time, I finally learned how to protect my investments.  It's an easy process that I have outlined for you below:
  1. Purchase fabulous music.
  2. Unwrap and give first full listen through in the car (seems to be safe haven for CDs).
  3. As soon as CD makes it into the house, immediately pop it into the computer for it's own protection.
  4. Rip CD to your personal music collection.
  5. Give in to teenager's request to 'borrow' said music.
  6. Kiss original CD goodbye - 'borrow' in teenage speak means "have".
And there you have it.  If you have been the subject of a teenagers "borrowing", I feel your pain... but now, you can protect your music going forward.  I've got a small hiatus since Hobbit has a good 7 years before she's officially a teenager.  I don't know if it happens on the actual day they become a teenager or if it's a developmental thing but I do know that I won't lose any more of my music now... let the healing begin.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know how we survived before we could rip CDs to computers!

    Although it's one hell of a job to back up an existing CD collection - I'm only about halfway through ours at the moment and I've already hit something like 1,500 tracks.


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