17 July 2011

Quick little detour, honest

Peekaboo, I-cord see you!

I took a little detour yesterday.  Instead of working on my sweater, I decided that I was going to make an old fashioned skating hat for Peanut.  There has been the cutest pattern in my Ravelry queue since December - today was the day I needed to make it.

No, I meant "need" instead of "want", trust me.  Recent events have not played out as I had wished which has led me to be less than sunshine and roses in my demeanor.  I know that my mood effects those around me and I needed to make sure that Peanut knew that I was not upset with her.  She is a very emotional child and will carry the guilt from a stranger so just imagine what a disappointed and upset mama would do to her!  Yes, I needed to make this last night and I'm so glad that I did.  I'm even thinking of making another one for Hobbit but in pink and with an eyelet stitch pattern... but I digress.

There were a lot of firsts in this projects - my first I-cord, "knit one below" and actual wet blocking.  The I-cord was a million times easier than I had feared and the "knit one below" would have probably been more visually prominent if I had used a different yarn because as it stands now, I honestly don't see it.  The wet blocking was interesting considering that I don't have any of the necessary tools and always end up "making do" with the promise of acquiring proper instruments for the next time.  The reality of it is always that I forget because I don't need and simply move on with my knitting.  It is a vicious cycle really now that I think about it.
I love how it turned out

I hope she likes it.  Now that it's done, it feels very 'me'.  It's cute, vintage and girlie... she's more gorgeous, unique and feminine.  Oh well, either way - it was a quick little detour simply to tell her that I love her and I am going to miss her while she's away at school.  I hope she knows, even without the cute little skating hat.

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  1. I love the feeling of preparing a gift, sometimes I even think that I might be enjoying it more than the person who gets the gift. Wrapping it up and keeping it secret gives me a warm ticklish feeling in my stomach.
    It's beautiful and I bet the little girl liked it.


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