29 July 2011

Knitting-based travel envy

It all started the weekend before last.  Just a little tug from the green eyed monster to say "Oh hello there, I've just made it in... flight was good, little jet lagged but should be fine soon".  Then today, my cute little fictitious friend became something more like a knitted version of the Incredible Hulk.

It's all happening simply because I have not had the luxury to go the recent knitting events this season.  I had 'secretly' pined for Knit Nation but honestly knew it wasn't possible.  I quietly wished for Sock Summit but knew our schedule and budget wouldn't permit it.  I'm even holding out a small strand of hope for Stitches East in October but the reality of it is that I won't be in attendance because of Hobbit's school schedule and Pokey's work schedule doesn't allow any type of wiggle room during the school year.

All of my friends who live in my computer are currently gathered in Portland, OR and having a grand adventure.  I am enjoying their posts and photographs of their time during the weekend but it's getting harder and harder to keep the cupboard locked where I've shoved the aforementioned monster.  On the upside, apparently there is a small fiber festival in September called "Florida Fiber-In".

It is going to be located in Orlando, a 'doable' distance, but the schedule has yet to be announced.  Should I be concerned that there is no outlined plan - just a location?  I know it says that it's the 8th annual (and 8 is my lucky number) and their theme this year is England (the UK is my favorite country) - all 'signs' point to this as being the place to be... but it is really squishing my OCD planning mojo with the lack of information.

I guess I'll just throw my planner up in the air and make sure that I have Hobbit, pocket money, my camera and knitting (like I ever leave the house without any of those anyway) ready to go on Saturday, September 17th because who knows what's going to happen!  Anyone want to go with me?

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  1. I have yet to go to any knitting conventions. Vogue Knitting in NYC happened when I was in the hospital with chemo, ditto Rhinebeck and Stitches East. MDS&W was too far (and I was starting to feel the b symptoms of cancer) for me to go last year. And now this year, I'm TN and way too far from any of these things, including home.

    There's a small fiber fest happening 30 minutes away from Nashville in October and I'm hoping to go to Stitches South, wherever it's located.

    All of this is to say:I hear ya on the envy, I'm feeling it too.


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