24 July 2011

L is for...


Nothing cheers me up faster than the sound of my kids laughing.  Today, we spent five whole dollars on a simple contraption that had everyone giggling for hours.  It is nothing fancy but it is definitely priceless... as are the memories we made with it tonight.

The magic of a bubble machine.
Want to join in the fun - click here.


  1. You're so right ... there is nothing better than kids laughing! (except maybe chocolate & kids laughing).

    Thanks for commenting on my blog post. The burgundy lace pattern was supplied by my tutor (so not sure about copyright with sharing) but it's called a Diamond Eyelet Lace ..... if you're familiar with how lace patterns work then you could probably chart it out.

  2. What a sweet post!!! I love bubble machines too - how fun!!

  3. Love the picture - I have such a thing for bubbles... They're just so innocent and ethereal ;)

  4. I love how the simplest things are usually the best. Great photo and great post, as always!

  5. The simple things are the best. And I'll bet the kids will always remember this. Looks like loads of fun.


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